A World of Shapes

A shape:  This whole week I have been twiddling with my shape.  I mean I couldn’t focus on anything else.  I would walk around for a little bit, and realize my nose was shoved into my face, so I would have to mod that, or I realized my eyes were to set apart for my liking [Thanks to Sunra for helping me!].  I didn’t realize how much tweaking could actually go into a shape.  I guess what started me thinking about it, was Strawberry Singh’s Digits Post.  I usually just throw on my fav shape (no modify) that I liked the best and went about my day.  I tried modifying at the start of SL, but found it a bit overwhelming.

So, this is what I have so far.  I have a few more facial changes I want to make, but this is what I am strolling with as of right now (could change any second though).  I am in shape envy–those of you that have found a shape you love and adore…bravo! I am still figuring out what I am comfortable wearing.

The clothes: I had been trying to find the perfect bottom to match with this lacy turtleneck from etoile for some time, and when I saw this skirt from Villena, I wanted to put them together aSAP.  As most of the blogging world knows, Tiny Bird is closing, which is a shame because I didn’t even know they existed until a plurk went out [gimme a break though–I probably don’t know half the stores I should, <–newb].  I went into the store, and tried on a few hair styles, and fell in love–so innovative. I feel like so many stores are shutting their doors, for financial or personal reasons.   I am just discovering so many places, and to have them snatched away so quickly is depressing!


Skin: Al Vulo Berta

Skirt: .:villena:. – High Skirt

Hair: Tiny Bird

Shirt: *Etoile*


Shoes: Nardcotix

Jewelry: Dark Mouse

Poses: !bang


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