Sunday Gone

I am beyond happy today.  Productivity is to blame for it, well, and the warm day.  Even now as I click, click, away at the keyboard, the warm breeze is circling around me, and I just get giddy with excitement.  Even the impeding work week, doesn’t seem to bother me.  I love Sundays like that. Being able to move at my own pace (which is very slow), I get to look at my surroundings, get my bearings, and relax.

Today, I was inspired by a location in Second Life.  I was trying to find a location I had been to before, but I got lost, which considering I was looking for The Lost World by Lolmac Shan, it makes me giggle.   Well, apparently there are several Lost Worlds around Second Life.  I think I have been to all of them–by accident accept for Lolmac Shan’s location.

The location I found today is here. It just so happened to be sunset, and the reflection on the water was gorgeous.  I immediately thought of a designer that I repeatedly visit because she has gorgeous dresses.  Vita’s Boudoir creates exquisite dresses that all seem to flow in the wind, and move with you.  It is almost like her dresses have a life of their own.  I love them for photography because of this movement.  I have used her several times in various posts, but I just had to give her designs more recognition.  I truly love them, and if I could, I would scoop up her store and put it in my pocket.

Skin: Glam Affair Monica

Hair: Dernier Cry Taylor

Dress: Vita’s Boudior

Bracelets: Dark Mouse

Location: Lost World

Pose: Nox



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