So you had a bad day?

I have had so many bad things happen this year, that at this point, I down right start to laugh out loud when something else happens.  Seriously, 2011 rocks the bottom of the ocean–at least that is where I want to throw it.  I have devised some fool proof methods of dealing with my own stress–maybe it could help you?

  • After learning my pay will be frozen for the next three years, I compiled a rock star list of tunes and named it: “Spring Break 2011~ I ain’t frozen, but my salary is.”While this may not apply to you, a great mix-CD always brightens my day.  Seriously, making a joke of our own troubles seems to really take the edge of stressful times.
  • After almost being run off the road by a white truck (today) and then cut off buy a 1995 sedan (today), I stopped by a local coffee house to purchase an insanely caloric coffee beverage.  This had two benefits. First, it took me off the road (I needed a break), but it also satisfied my sweet tooth.  This is to remind us to step away from the stress.  Whatever is causing you stress, doesn’t need your attention anymore.  Give yourself some perspective.  Everything always looks 99% worse when it just happens.
  • Some other things can do: read the newspaper–I guarantee you will find somebody who is having a worse day or year than you.  This works both ways though. If you are having a good day, steer clear of all media outlets–they are so depressing.  But, when you need a boost, knowing your life isn’t all that bad, can help you move past that hump in your day.
  • Throw a temper tantrum.  I do it. It works.  Then, I feel much better.  Kick something (just nothing too hard), let your hands wail in the sky, and scream.  Screaming is good for you.  Heck, tears aren’t that bad either.
  • Talk to somebody who loves you for you.  Whoever this may be: mom, sister, best friend, boyfriend, husband.  I have a hard time with this one.  I don’t want to be a burden, but if this is a real relationship, then this person will be there for you–just remember to return the favor later.

Oh I could go on, but then I would have to change the name of the blog, etc., so we will have to move on to something else that can always brighten a stressful day: SHOPPING.  Kazuo is the successor to Hyper Culture.  The owner took a break for a few months but is back with her new venture, Kazuo,  as of March.  I loved Hyper Couture, and was sad that the moment I found them, they were gone.  Then, I realized the designer was back! Yay!  I stopped  to see what she had already up her sleeves.  It isn’t that big yet, but wow, I adored what I found.  I have already worn the jacket around, but added this skirt to my collection of Kazuo items.  Today, when I visited again, I saw a wonderful 10L special on a green dress for April.  Jackpot! Stop by and take note of Kazuo, I have a feeling we will be seeing more great designs from her!

Jacket, Skirt, Dress: Kazuo

Shirt: Jane Layering T

Shoes: Pixel Mode Baby T

Skin: Glam Affair Monica

Hair: Shag

All Jewelry: Glow

Make-Up: Natural Beauty

Pose: #1: Status #2: Glitterati

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What do you do to relieve stress?



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