What happens when you repeatedly find something you love over and over again! You blog about it over and over again! This week I posted my 52 weeks Asparagus outfit for Luna Jubilee’s Color Challenge.  I often shop at Oyakin, but I hit like the asparagus gold mine when I went there this week.  Oyakin doesn’t just give you a dress or pants, they give you multiples of intricate little changes all in one little purchase.  This outfit is no exception.  The coat comes in a short length, medium length, and long.  The top has a few variations as well.  Finally the pants also come in short or long.  Seriously, they aren’t expensive, and it is like getting a couple different outfit options all rolled into one nice little price. The second dress is so cute! Right!?  It also adds in a bottom without lace as well.   I talked a bit more about another dress in my blog earlier today.  I just could resist posting again about this shop. I literally could have kept blogging about all the outfits I have, but what fun would that be for you! You got to move it, move it over to Oyakin to discover your own surprises! You won’t help but to fall in love.  *Shakes head* You will! All clothing: Oyakin

Skin: Glam Affair Monica

Hair: Elikatira Follow

Bracelet, Necklace, Earrings: Dark Mouse

Shoes: G-Field

All Poses: Status (told you I would continue to use these)


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