52 Weeks Again! Asparagus. YUMMY!

Asparagus.   Does anyone else think immediately about how it makes your pee stink?  I know that is an unconventional way of starting out a post, but in reality, I find the color quite pleasing to the eye and to attach that word to such a beautiful color seems mean-spirited.  How dare they?

I adore EVERYTHING I purchase from Oyakin.  Talk about a SL crush.  It is also one of my 52 weeks of Color hot spots.  What is that? A place I go to first whenever the new color is announced.  They add so many little intricate details into packaging, and they don’t charge much for what they have to offer.  Yes, that is SL love right there.  I have bought quite a few things.  One outfit offered several different options of skirt: Short, Medium, and Long…all with a variation.  Shhh, I will attach those pics just in case interested.Seriously, how can you not love this leafy green dress?  It is truly as asparagus as I can get! Isn’t it adorable?  I loved it! The jewelry I am wearing is SPICA and although with windlights it reflected as white, it is actually a black set.  They offer a set with a bracelet, necklace, and earrings at a reasonable price.  I don’t know about you, but I love finding what I consider deals.

Skin: Ugly Dorothy

Hair: OH

Dress and hair piece (and shoes not pictured): Oyakin (those accessories came with the price of the dress)

Necklace, Earrings, and Bracelet: SPICA

Location: petit pas

Pose: Glitterati (sale on select poses until april 15)

and for that other dress and the skirt options it came with….

Additional picture information:

I stopped by Glam Affair to pick up the new skin Monica and it is such a joy–I was really not prepared to do a post about it, but it is the skin I am wearing in the second series of photos.  I loved it.  I had been hesitate to purchase a glam affair skin because sometimes they don’t work with my shape, but this was lovely.  Also, Harlow Heslop recommended Status Poses, so I stopped by to check them out.  WOW! The series above is called Queen.  They have tons available, and many have a unique added flare to them…like the pose above.  I got another series called BLINK which cracks me up because of the animated faces that come with it.  If you can make me look good and giggle, I love you.  Thank you Status. I am sure I will use them frequently.

Dress: Oyakin

Skin: Glam Affair *NEW* Monica

Hair: [e] *NEW* Follow

Pose: Status Set Queen

Location: Revival A Lost World


5 thoughts on “52 Weeks Again! Asparagus. YUMMY!

  1. I never think of stinky pee from asaparagus, cause I don’t like to eat asparagus anyway … lol
    but I love that adorable gown you’re wearing in the first pic 😉

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