Why am I here?

I started to ask myself: Why am I here? Why am I blogging? Honestly, I just loved what I found in Second Life.  I haven’t socialized that much because well, I never expected to stay so long.  I was just a gal who was talked into trying out Second Life by her boyfriend. Then, he disappeared and left me in this vast world.  Moi–the shy one–who if I see someone coming near me in Second Life I poof, run home.  I am that shy.  Sometimes I get valiant and travel out to an event, but usually only if I feel comfortable enough, and the people there have proven to me that they aren’t insane (or at least creepy, bad insane…hehe).

So this blog, I guess, is my way of saying hi on my terms.   All I can do is try my best to show you me, parading through Second Life.

Dress: Icing

Skin: LAQ

Hair: Truth

Location: Isle of Wyrms

Pose: no clue <—how to people keep track of all this information!


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