Vintage Village

Earlier today, over some hot coffee, I inadvertently found a gem of a location, the perfect backdrop for photos. Check out the flickr picture here: Vintage Village.  It has plenty of shopping, but the sheer creative genius of the structure is captivating and a bit breathtaking when you first see it from afar.  But it also has so much character waiting around each corner.  I was having such a wonderful time exploring everything the area had to offer. If you haven’t been I encourage you to go, and if you haven’t been back in awhile, I would go back and support it.  It is a fabulous location!  TP to Vintage Village.

And on to why am I wearing a Marilyn Monroe dress?  Well, best laid plans…that is why.  I had meant to go to the 1950s Pixel Bean party on Friday, but phone call here and some odds and ends there, and I never managed to make my way over to the Bean.  So, here my photo proof that I meant to go. I got half dressed, and never made it.  When I think of the 1950s, I think of The Seven Year Itch (1955),  and the iconic Marilyn Monroe and her white dress flowing. Vita Bella offers the dress and it is animated to blow in the wind when you touch it. So Cool!   You can tell the creator has a lot of love for this era in general.  It doesn’t seem like they have created anything since 2010 according to their blog, but maybe they are just taking a SL break (crosses fingers). Take a look for yourself: TP to Vita Bella Vintage Fashion.


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