She’s a Manic

Um, I must confess.  I had three separate outfits ready to go for banana mania.  Ultimately, I decided on the more formal one, but omg, this is getting harder and harder. I am desperately wanting a color already in my inventory, but that might be doubtful with asparagus–maybe though.  Sorry bout the title…for some reason…mania became manic..and all the sudden I am singing “She’s a manic, manic on the floor.” Seriously, I can’t get that song out of my head now.

Skin: Al Vulo Berta
Hair: Clawtooth Lovely Liz Salty
Make-up: La Fauna and Kyoot
Shoes: Maitreya
Stockings: Blacklace
Gloves: Reasonable Desires
Dress: Vita’s Boudoir
Location: Casablanca Ballroom
Pose:oOo Formal

And just because these darn shoes are named banana mania they will be posted…lol

Shoes: Miel Banana Mania

Dress: Random Fashions

and back to that song…

Just a Steel-Town girl on a Saturday night
Lookin for the fight of her life
In the real time world no one sees her at all
They all say she’s crazy

Have fun everyone!



10 thoughts on “She’s a Manic

  1. Can you believe that I found that outfit accidentally on Friday evening? I was all set to post my cute banana mania shoes and be done, but I saw that dress…and thought that is the color of banana mania and I loved it as well.

  2. LOL, I thought of the same song. Then I remembered the movie it was originally from, Flashdance. Okayy now that ive aged myself, Ill get right to it…LOL. Great post, fantastic pictures and those lil shoes are to cute!

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