Fairy Dust

Today, I logged into my little piece of land.  I was going to relax for a little tiny bit before bedtime.  I was fooling around, trying clothes on, when I stumbled upon a fairy costume I purchased when I first started in SL.  Seriously, they should make it a rule that you can’t purchase anything for like 3 months.  My inventory is rampant with items that I don’t really use because I just went SL happy.  Everything was new.  Everything was unique.  Everything just leaped out at me, and I wanted it all.  So, I put my fairy costume on,  all ready to fly out and meander around the area, when BOOM, I hit an invisible wall.  Sigh.  The land in front of me put up an invisible wall.  Seriously.

I knew that when I purchased the land that there could be a possibility they would, but soooo soon.  I loved my land.  You could take a boat or jet ski out and follow the sunset for what seemed like forever.  Now, I have to maneuver around this giant wall.  I sent a message to the person of the land.  I figure if we are neighbors we should be able to get a long.  I understand not wanting every person randomly perching on your private land, but I would think that you would be hospitable to the people who live in the vicinity, at least I hope.  I haven’t been in Second Life long enough to really understand it all.  The fairy outfit is from Deviance. This particular brand has tons of items, and I believe they are pretty well-known for them.  I would make this your first-stop if you are in need of anything fantasy or costume related.  They range in price with some of the more detailed pieces getting pricey, but they are very well done.  Here is the marketplace link: Deviance

Off to bed I go…



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