Little Darlin’

The past can always be a bit alluring.  As a teenager, I refused to be mainstream and often found myself listening to the music of my parents’ generation and sifting through thrift stores for something to capture the past. I would spend hours examining the front covers of my parents’ vinyl records.  Looking at the cover art, I would try to understand the time and the people, and the events that influenced them both.  The past seemed so magical, much more magical than my average teenage life.

When college hit, I became a pop culture follower.  I worshiped gossip magazines and knew every “it” song that hit the radio by heart.  I associated each song with a place.  I associated songs with certain friends.  Falling in love–had a song for it.  Heartbreak–had a song for it.  Getting ready for a girls’ night out–had the mix CD ready to go.   Moving into my thirties, I realize I have let much of that go.  Of course, I can still sing along to the radio (at least most of the song), but ask me the name of a band or the newest craze, and I have no clue.  I guess I have become disconnected.  I do find myself having those nostalgic moments, where I find a song I hadn’t heard for awhile.  The flood of memories come back, and often times, I smile.  Magic.

Dress: IA Black Lace

Hair: Clawtooth True Betty

Make-up: Kyoot Cateye Catty and La Fauna Lipstick

Skin: Rozena Ginta

Pose:  oOo Studio: 1940s

Location: The Vault, Old Hollywood

Sidenote: Did anyone else notice the kitchen theme?  I guess those dishes are haunting me! I did them…I swear!


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