I am one of those people that will, at all costs, avoid chores.  Right now, in the kitchen, are a bunch of dishes that need to be cleaned and put away, but instead I am here posting about how I don’t want to do it. Ha!  I have found that time, for me, gets sucked into a black hole.  I complain sometimes about not having enough off it, but in reality, I do.  I just don’t always use it so wisely.  I quite adore people who juggle multiple tasks and don’t break a sweat.   I start to panic when I form any type of to-do list–I just freeze.  Even when I see other people’s to-do lists, I start to fidget.  The idea of keeping track of things that I don’t want to do absolutely terrifies me, and I can’t understand the practice of it.  I just prefer to shove that list inside a small container in the back of my brain and hope that instead of it getting done, it just goes away.  I guess this avoidance thing isn’t the best philosophy.  I absolutely love simplicity.  I think that is why I like this outfit.  It is something I would wear in real life.  A jean skirt, a t-shirt, and some loafers. Simple.  Jane offers a great bargain for t-shirts, perfect for layering.  I had been looking for a jean skirt for a while now, and I love this one by So Many Styles.  My comfy shoes are by Miel–quite adorable.  The best way to make something simple a bit more fun–add a great necklace.  This one is by Miel as well (a new to me store I am currently loving).


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