Pure as the driven snow: 52 Weeks of Color

This week my mission was to find a white outfit.  The idea of white, as we enter into Spring, brings forth new beginnings.  We try, try, try for new beginnings at set points: January 1st, Spring, each morning, trying to correct a bad day, a bad habit, or a bad year.  We set new goals and take our experiences with us on a new journey with a loved one or by ourselves.  Hidden beneath all this is hope.  Hope that what we want to change will.  It is no wonder the color finds it home in such abstract terms as peace, love, and purity.  In comparison, I wonder why when I see just white walls, I have this overwhelming urge to cover them. Hospitals, white saturated, drain and suffocate me. Does it mean that white when trapped within walls dimishes the meaning we have for it. White is meant for wide open spaces.  White shouldn’t be trapped in a box but flowing free around us.  Or is it that white is the start of the canvas, but we are meant to add the color to it–the life to it? We add the color.  Beneath that color is our hope for our lives–Always there, sometimes cluttered by what we have added, but always silently waiting to be called upon. 

Sweater: Petunia-Dearly Beloved Cropped Sweater
Pants: Mona Pants Phoenix Rising
Top: Indyra Originals Tops-Nymphette Corset: White
Shoes: Mentine – Ankle Boots – White Suede
Rings: [ glow ] studio – Rose with Dew rings
Necklace: {SMS} Pearl Lily Necklace White
Make-up: Kyoot Makeup – Cateyes I -Catty, Cheap Makeup Miss Priss Lipgloss
Poses: Diesel Works – Diva Female Poses
Hair: TRUTH Betty


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