Bluehoo 52 weeks of Color

After the horrible global disaster in Japan, I just was stuck in this funk.  In the states, there was a horrible bus accident in NYC around the same time.  As always, the news seems so melancholy.  So, without even thinking about it really, my mind just seemed to keep going to these images of sadness even though our color for the week was actually quite cheery.  I posted my final product on flickr, and really I am very proud of it.  Not because it is this amazing photograph, but because it represented how I felt about everything.  I had initially wanted my photography to include a vanity, and I struggled to make that happen because well, it seemed so vain considering the times, but just for fun I will post both.  They are both in a way quite sad to me.  It is amazing how when we create, our emotions seem to transcend into the photograph. Oh, I also uploaded some new windlight settings, um wow, love playing around with those–they can totally change a whole photograph!

Photo 1:

Dress: Couverture

Hair: Truth Betty

Skin Al Vulo Berta

Pose: Glitterati

Photo 2:

Dress: Couverture

Hair: Magika Nayla

Skin: Rozena Ginta

Vanity: H&S Village

Pose: PLC Couture

On a side note, I tried forever to use a globe in SL to get this shot, but seriously I was pulling my hair out to get it to work.  I couldn’t get the dress to flow the right way…the globe would disappear, so I opted to put in the earth afterwards…sigh. As I stated before, I just saw the finished product above, and I thought it captured what I was feeling more so then this one, but just because I played around with this idea for days, I am posting it…lol. 


5 thoughts on “Bluehoo 52 weeks of Color

  1. So sad, but so beautiful… times are sad at the moment and although your pics match that sad feeling they also have a kind of hopefulness about them, the spring colour of the sky blue. Spring always makes me think of hope, the new plants, the promise of warmer weather… I love how your pics reflect that!

  2. Your globe shot is beautiful and represents exactly how so many of us feel in this sad time right now.
    ~hugggs~ Thank you for representing our emotions in your pic.

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