Happy St Patrick’s Day

Luck.  Is luck a state of mind? Perception is a matter of individuality.  I, for one, give myself a day o’ so to lounge around and feel sorry for myself, but then I move on, but I see others relish in negativity.  Some talk about how unlucky they are and how life just doesn’t give them a break.  From the outside it is so easy to say that one is obsessed with the bad in their life, but I know I read someone that thinking you are lucky actually manifests into reality.   I understand completely.  The lucky seems to pay attention to the small gifts that life brings to them.  This one friend I have just seems to enjoy every moment–and you can tell. She will tell me about how happy her coffee makes her in the morning–just the smell and the first sip. To her, that is all it takes.  I love coffee too, but I don’t soil myself at the thought.  So, my point…not really making one…but do I believe in luck? Yes–But I think I am in charge of how much luck I bring to my own life. 

Okay, I got a bit Picnik happy, but I couldn’t resist…hehe.  Below is a much more shopper friendly version of the above outfit–which I love!

Skin: Al Vulo Berta (yes, I am obsessed)

Dress: etoile

Shoes: Ingenue

Hair: Dernier Cry Dove

Bubblegum: Pink Fuel


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