I wish, wish, wish I was not sick, sick, sick.  Ugh. My brain is completely fried.  Today, I met some extraordinary people.  I was minding my own business, trying to find these pants to go with a sky blue top from Ingenue, and poof out of nowhere a kind stranger starts talking to me.  If you read my blog, you would know that I really am quite shy and have only been invited to conversation when asked for Lindens or sexual favors.  I know…I should put myself out there.  I guess I have been trying to figure out SL first.  Silly me.

Carrie started snapping off names of many a different people, oh, I was at The Pixel Bean by the way, see told you I was sick.  I think she quickly realized I am quite a noob in SL and offered me some destinations I might like.  Soon enough, a couple more people showed up, including Harlow, the desinger of Pixel Bean.  I felt like I just met my first SL celebrity.  To actually meet the person behind the design was thrilling.  I felt so stupid in my flowered lime and pink tights, sky blue top, and orange shoes.  I should have gone home to change real fast….whoops.

What I absolutely loved about this group of people is how they just opened up and kinda took me along with them.  They knew nothing of me, but let me join in on their fun.  And my…they were fun and funny.  If you haven’t yet visited The Pixel Bean…go go go.  Conversation and good company are waiting for you.  TP to The Pixel Bean.

I leave you with an images of how I feel and don’t feel…confused? So am I.

Dress: GATO


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