Ecru for you

Hmmmm,  Ecru, Hmmmm, I have to admit–never heard of it.  From research I found it be referred to as linen or silk in an unbleached state, so admittedly, I search around for textures in that family but found it hard, so tapped my fingers on the desk and decided to just search for a mixture of light yellow and beige.  Really? I actually put together several outfits, but I will save those for another beigy day.  I decided on a beautiful creation from Vita’s Boudoir I had purchased awhile ago.  When I stumbled upon her store I was in awe, everything was striking–immediately I wanted to try on everything, but considering it was a bit pricey, I searched the levels for something I really, really loved-trust me, it was extremely hard to narrow down the field.  I liked the mixture of structure with flowing feminine pieces. 

I love the patterns and really this dress is so fun to play around with different combinations.  It is flirty yet sophisticated.  You can add assessories or the dress really makes a statement without much. 

I wish I could have done something a bit more fancy with this piece, but alas, the computer was having a bad day, so I had to keep it simple.  

Hair: Truth

Skin: Al Vulo

Dress: Vita’s Boudoir


6 thoughts on “Ecru for you

  1. Welcome to SL and a huge huggy welcome to the color challenge!
    You look mahvelous dahlink!
    Beautiful pictures! See you next week for Umber xoxo

  2. Thanks so much everyone! Yes, hehe…I just started SL in Dec. I stumbled upon Luna’s website shortly thereafter, and oh, what a help it has been! I am hooked!

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