A Fresh Face

Okay, today I experienced my first “OMG let’s all cram into one store” SALE.  Ingenue’s lease was up and she was clearing the store out.  Literally objects were quickly disappearing before your eyes.  It was wild.  In around five minutes tops, the store was bare, empty, a box.    Don’t worry there are other locations! If you are not familiar with Ingenue, check them out.  I can understand the craze.  Very quality stuff–and she was selling for 50% off!

Enough of the detour, I was quietly nessled away in my house, thinking about fresh faces.  Yesterday, I commented on how hard it is to find the perfect skin.  While you should pay attention to the detailing of the entire body, the first thing I look at is the face.  And, in all honesty, it is hard to switch back and forth and be able to keep a fair and reasonable mind about a choice.  Add cost into play, and you are really committing to a high price item.  Some fat packs of skins (collection of a variety of make-ups) run into 4000L.  I have heard from multiple sources: the skin is where you should spend your money, but geesh, it makes the decision process sooo intimidating.  To drop that much, and then not be happy is such a downer. You just have to try demos {emphasis on havvvve}. So here are close-ups of three different skins:

So where does Shape fit into all this?  I have found sometimes it can drastically change your facial features and sometimes not.  Here is an example of the Al Vulo Skin and the Glow Shape for Phoebe put together:


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