Skins Skins Skins

I don’t know about you, but I have had a heck of a time trying to decide on a skin.  There are so many fabulous choices.  Beyond the choices, there is soooo much advice to be found.  In the end, sometimes even the “best” stores don’t fulfill your style, so while I might find great quality products, I still might not walk away with a fit.  Below are my two favorite skins thus far:

Blonde Version: Al Vulo–I love the shape that comes with this brand–curvier and shorter.  The lips are bigger than I like, but not overwhelming.  I find it hard to find skins without lips taking up half the face.  This skin makes me feel sensual. All and all, whenever I put this skin on, I get extremely happy, and just want to buy clothes for her.  In this skin, I just want to be adored.


Trendstyle-January Group Gift


Brown Version:  Dr. Life–This was my first skin love.  The body was thinner (and legs a bit long–scary long, I was about as tall as my boyfriend’s avatar), but sexy lips and features.  I loved the tone of the skin.  I felt, beyond the skin tone, this was a real fit for me.  It wasn’t trashy looking, but an understated beauty. I love just chillin in this skin or going on an adventure in this skin.  I find myself leaning more towards this skin when I want somebody to listen to me or to engage in conversation. Isn’t that odd!? Oh well, go figure…I have to change my skin according to my mood. 


Surf Couture-Cardigan

Jane-Raven Pants

Maitreya- Heals



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